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Stats Perform Acquires Thuuz Sports Technologies

Stats Perform, the SportsTech leader in data and AI technology, today announced the acquisition of platforms for creating automated video highlights and real-time excitement alerts from Thuuz Sports. 

The patented technology in the SmartReels and SmartRatings products will be incorporated into Stats Perform’s robust product portfolio to generate new opportunities for media, technology and betting customers. 

SmartReels™ Video Platform


Automated Clip and Highlights Production

SmartReels™ is a completely automated video production platform to ingest your video, produce any type of clips and highlights, edit, and export to any destination in real time.  By optimizing your content creation and distribution workflow during or after the live event, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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Thuuz AI in Real-time

Since 2010, Thuuz has developed sophisticated data science to measure the subjective excitement of every moment, play, and player in a sporting event. Our in-depth understanding of game excitement at such a granular level enables you to automatically produce any type of highlight or narrative for any audience in real-time with maximum impact.

“We talked to everyone, and Thuuz
has the best technology in this space."

Seamlessly integrated with your existing workflow

The SmartReels™ platform fits into your workflow, so you can optimize your output without changing the way you want to work. We offer a variety of output formats from metadata to real-time streams to finished videos which can be automatically delivered to any website, app, or even an editing suite. 

“We saw a 50% lift in engagement by using your platform to automatically post on social media.”

Infinite Highlights

Whether single game, multigame, or multisport, you can automatically create an unlimited number of highlight reels in real time.  With SmartReels™, you can produce standard highlight reels or highlights with a bias to a specific team, player, or play type. You can also create highlights of any length or any perspective to maximize fan engagement. How about 1,000,000 different highlight reels for 1,000,000 different fantasy matchups all customized to specific league settings and produced in real-time?  We can do that.

“We can’t do what you do. We don’t
know how to do what you do.”
“We talked to everyone, and Thuuz 
has the best technology in this space.”
— Host Broadcast Services

Watch the action

Check out how each two minute highlight reel changes to suit each fan:

play all pause restart

Arsenal Perspective
Neutral Perspective
Al-Nasr Perspective
Every fan has a different perspective, so why give them a one size fits all highlight reel?  Now you can automatically produce and publish subjective highlights in real time so each fan can see a highlight reel that best engages their interests.

Product Possibilities are Endless

Catch Up To Live

Sometimes life gets in the way of being able to watch our favorite teams & matches from the first whistle. Catch Up To Live provides a seamless fan experience to view the most exciting highlights & moments for an in-progress game and provides a seamless transition to viewing the live game. 

Whether the fan is minutes or hours late to the match, the CUTL API offers the most contextually relevant highlights to immediately immerse the fan into live action.

Personalized Multi-Event Highlights

Ever wish you could watch highlights of your favorite sports in one sitting? Now you can. Personalized Multi-Event Highlights are based on your individual fan preferences and are prioritized and selected by the subjective excitement of each event. Think of this as your daily sync.

Personalized Fantasy Highlights

With SmartReels, you can develop millions of team and matchup highlight reels which are customized to each league’s scoring settings and personalized to each team’s starting roster.  Personalized fantasy video highlights.  Seriously, what’s cooler than that?

Highlight Machine

TRILLIONS of highlight permutations available – instantaneously configured, streamed and shared. 

For the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Thuuz ingested 300 games that drew from 60 years of great soccer action and ran our SmartReels™ engine on each game to break them down into dynamic video segments that could be assembled in any combination within seconds.  This included dynamically filtering players, teams, etc. based on available highlights as users made selections. Thuuz produced custom titles and thumbnails for each reel.

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Since 2010, Thuuz’ content curation expertise has powered products and services for the top sports content owners and distributors.

Case Studies

FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup Highlight Machine was a breakthrough digital media experience that allowed users to build and watch their own highlight reels. IBM Watson developed the application and Thuuz powered the on-demand highlight creation with their SmartReels™ automated highlights platform. Thuuz and IBM also supported the Fox Broadcast team with real-time metadata for continuous updates on key plays that would merit highlight production.

NBC Sports Scores | PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

NBC Sports created a scores app to deliver customizable sports experience to their audience. NBC engaged Thuuz to build a first-class scores app, powered by Thuuz’ extensive sports data and patented excitement algorithms, integrating NBC’s sports news and content – in one centralized location. A special edition of this app featured the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

In the news

2019.12.09 — Thuuz Sports Top 10 Most Exciting Games in November

College Football dominates 4 of the Top 5 Games in Thuuz Sports Most Exciting Games of November but the NFL NFC West nail-biter takes the top spot.

2019.11.06 — Thuuz Sports Top 10 Most Exciting Games in October

MLS postseason thrillers dominate the Thuuz Sports Most Exciting Games of October list. NBA kick starts season with early appearance on list.

2019.10.21 — Thuuz Sports Winner of Best Use of AI & ML at Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards

Thuuz Sports took home the top award at the Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards, winning for their cutting edge use of AI and ML as part of their collaboration with FOX and IBM during the FIFA World Cup.

2019.10.14 — Thuuz Sports Top 10 Most Exciting Games in September

MLB slugfests dominate the Thuuz Sports Most Exciting Games of September list. High scoring Pac-12 shootout and close NFL matchups also top the list.

2019.06.11 — Thuuz Takes Automated Highlights Solution Down Under with Kayo

Thuuz Sports, the USA-based media technology company, is rolling out its automated highlights product in Australia for the first time via a new tie-up with Kayo Sports, the multi-sport streaming platform.

2019.05.05 — Thuuz Sports Finalist in Hashtag Sports Awards

Thuuz Sports is a finalist in the Hashtag Sports Awards in the Excellence in Engagement category specifically for the Best Use of Technology. This nomination is for our Fox Sports World Cup Highlight Machine.

2019.04.25 — Thuuz Sports Finalist in Cynopsis Sports Media Awards

Thuuz Sports, the most powerful automated video highlights production platform for worldwide sports, is a finalist in the Cynopsis Sports Media Awards in the Production Innovation category for our World Cup Automated Highlights Machine.

2019.01.14 — Thuuz's Role in Media Landscape

CES week saw one of the key discussions in sports media, in addition to gambling, center around how machine learning would impact the fan experience. Cynopsis caught up with Warren Packard, CEO of THUUZ Sports...

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